I have recently begun working at BerlinRosen, a PR firm focused on advocacy and political work, in their Digital agency. In my role as Digital Designer, I collaborate with nearly all of the firm's practice areas to create a range of digital pieces. I prefer to get involved with the client team as early as possible in order to take part in the initial brainstorm of creative concepts and then translate those ideas into graphics to be implemented across multiple digital channels. I enjoy the opportunity to contribute to causes I am personally invested in through visual communication and social strategy. I am passionate about visual storytelling and brand building through the use of digital media in new and exciting ways. 


I work on freelance projects that focus on social justice and community fundraising. I enjoy being able to help clients that work on a small budget but have great mission statements and need help making an impact. I worked on a poster campaign to raise money for community institution Saint Marks Bookshop to help them avoid closure due to rent hikes. I am currently working on the Hope Reichbach Fund which is a community organization in Brooklyn that helps provide local advocacy internships for NYC-based college students. I have created a new logo in addition to multiple pieces for both print and web.