Graphic design is all about problem solving. I love to attack a challenge in a creative and exciting way. If I get to try a new technique or learn a new program in the process of designing then that's even better! Recently I started working with motion graphics and look for any opportunity to develop my skills. I love working in Photoshop doing image manipulation and seeing what kind of happy accidents I can create. 

I also love to work with my hands and make a mess. If an item in a store looks cool but I think to myself "I bet I could make that" I will definitely give it a try! Usually the finished piece looks nothing like what I thought it would when I started but that's part of the fun. I also love shooting photography in both digital and film. I've had my Holga camera since I was 15 and it absolutely reflects my personality from the chipping paint pattern I covered it with to the weathered strap I made for it out of duct tape.